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We are developers

Researching about ML, digging on new tech stacks, looking for APIs best practices... We end up with a nice amount of resources which have to be somehow stored.

Most of our home-made solutions went over bloating our Pocket inbox, folders of bookmarks, Excel sheets, notes...

We didn't need another read-later app, we needed a toolbox🛠.

SaveTech comes to the rescue, to aggregate all of that on a clean interface.

How it works

  • Install the Chrome plugin and save your favourite links.

  • Tag on save.

  • Filter and consume your content on our minimalistic UI.


For teams


Build up your company's knowledge from crowd-base discoveries.
Share your tags with the rest of the team.

Adapt every element of the UI based on your personal preferences.
Select per item or directly import your editor configs.


Because not everything is about tech.
Save your favourite recipes or travel tips without messing with your main content.